Saturday, February 26, 2011

Valencia, España

26 February 2011

My first trip of the semester was last weekend. We traveled by bus for 3 1/2 hours to Valencia, Spain. I went with 5 other American girls.

On the first day we arrived at our hostel, dropped off our things and went out exploring. The first thing we were sure to do was try Valencia´s famous paella.

Then we went to see the sites. Valencia is beautiful in that it has a lot more old looking buildings than Murcia. We went to the Cathedral to see the Holy Grail (which isn´t actually the HG, but was thought to be some hundreds of years ago) and climbed the tower of to get a good view of the city from the top. Some of the buildings were quite castle-like.

After a whole day of site seeing, we needed a break and a drink. So we sat down at the an outside cafe/bar/restaurant.

This is where unknowningly we tried a beverage typical of Valencia. It´s called Agua de Valencia (in English means Water of Valencia.) Do not be fooled, this is not actual water, but more of a cocktail made with orange juice, gin, sparkling wine, and vodka. It was absolutely delicious.

On our final day in Valencia, we decided to visit its famous museums. We only had time to visit the Oceanográfic, or the aquarium. This wasn´t a new thing for me, since my family regularly goes to an aquarium when we go to the mountains, but the others girls seemed to really enjoy it.

Here we were able to explore the ocean depths from all over the world and see a dolphin show.

After this trip I have to say Valencia is definitely on my list of cities I would like to live in when I return to Spain.

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