Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Themed Parties

I thought it a good time to post some pics from some of our themed parties we´ve had so far.
First is the birthday celebration of Sorayya (France) and JC (Africa/USA) a.k.a. the Mascarade party.

My friend JC (mentioned above) worked at a night club called Pirámide, and he liked to host themed parties there. This is a picture from crazy hat night.

For Christmas, right before I came back home, two English girls Laura and Amy hosted a Christmas themed party, where my roomie Hilary and I decided to go as Sexy Ms. Clause.

During my first semester, Hilary and I decided we wanted to throw a true American party like the International students would see in the movies. We played beer pong and various card games. We got a little wild and crazy. I actually broke an entire 6 pack trying to put it in the fridge. We had people buzzing the door asking for the American party. And thus it was known as the American party from there on out. The party was themed "Welcome to the Jungle," hence the jungle pattern dresses.

And of course, we had to celebrate Halloween. The main difference I noticed between Halloween here and in Spain is that when people my age dress up, they actually dress up scary; on the other hand, in the U.S. we dress up scary sexy. I even saw a few trick-or-treaters.

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