Saturday, February 26, 2011

New Beginnings All Around

After 6 months of wanting to move, I have finally done it. Instead of going through my housing coordinator at the university (like I had been doing for 3 or 4 months), I decided to speak to the landlord directly, and by directly I mean by email. But it the end it all paid off. She had two spots opening up in her apartment in the city center, the one I had been trying to move to all along. The glich was that new renters were moving into my room before I could move into my new place. So Hilary (roommate) and I had to move into a temporary house for 10 days.

This house was as much of a house and there is possible in a city. It was located even further out of the city than we previously were. We had to take a bus from our house to the city center, and we were at the end of the route. There was no internet. And since there was only one room available we both had to share it. It was super tiny, and we squeezed two beds in it with all of our luggage too. On top of that, Hilary snores, and snores badly. After three nights of almost no sleep, I went in search of earplugs. They worked like a charm. I meant to take a picture of this temporary place before I left, but alas, didn´t.

Not only were we moving into a new place, at the same time school was starting. It was such an inconvience because we could not look up our school schedules at home because of not having internet and we were even further from the university. So when we left home for the day, we packed and stayed gone all day. The only other really bad upset was when the hot water heater broke and we had to journey to friends houses to shower for a couple of nights.

Finally on the 14th we were able to move! That morning we called a cab and took all our things to the new place. That night we went to tapas for Valentine´s Day dinner and then to a bar. That night we had to sleep on the couch because the old tenants were still there one more night. But on Wednesday morning we were able to starting moving our things into our rooms. Let´s just say by now I absolutely hate moving. In the U.S. I´ve moved houses twice, into a dorm room, out of a dorm room, into a student house, back home, then to Spain, into a temporary place in Spain, and finally to my new apartment in Spain.

I really do love my new place though, so the move was worth it. It´s in the city center, less than a 10 minute walk from school. I´m surrounded by the atmosphere I expected of Spain when I arrived: plazas, cafes, children playing, families taking walks, and bars to hang out in at night. My roommates are Hilary, Bri (another American), and Yen (from Norway). My room is smaller, but I have no problem with that. I don´t really have a closet, more like a rack, but I can deal with that too. I just what I´m trying to say is that I´m really happy here.

My room. Notice the nonexistent closet.

Living room

Dinning Room



View from the balcony

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