Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fiestas de Primavera

It´s been a while since I last wrote, so these next couple of posts are going to be a bit delayed.

The first one I should cover is the Fiestas de Primavera. In my last post I wrote about La Semana Santa, well the Fiestas de primavera come the week after. (It´s really cool because we get out of school for two weeks straight.) The Fiestas are to celebrate the arrival of Spring, which to me felt more like summer. Every day there are different parades. The colors are really vibrant and spring-like, and the outfits resemble something you would see at Mardi Gras in Louisiana.

The biggest day during these fiesta is Tuesday, El bando de la huerta. One this day the whole city comes out to watch the parades, to eat, to drink, and to party.

The picture above was taken from the roof of a near by building. You can see just a very small part of the parade and only a tiny fraction of the people present.

Afterwards the city is covered in trash, but the street cleaners begin almost immediately and by morning the city is as good as new.

This is an example of the type of outfits that were worn in the parades, not all were like this, but most were similar.

The second biggest day of this week is Saturday, El entierro de la sardina. This day marks the closing of the fiestas and there is a huge parade where they throw out all kinds of items: candy, toys and much more. Unfortunately I don´t have any photos of this night because there were so many people at the parade it was difficult to see.

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