Thursday, January 10, 2013

Strangeness Around the House

Toilet paper anyone? This little nifty spray hose is located between the toilet and the sink. The first time I saw it I thought it was used to spray the floor. Nope. This little critter is used when you go #2 instead of using toilet paper. The Finnish version of the bidet. I still haven't gotten brave enough to use it. I just don't see how that will not make an even bigger mess!

Locker room showers. Or at least that's what I'm reminded of. Apparently open showers are quite common here. There is no shower "shell" like in the US. The floor has a drain and is slightly sloping towards the drain. It actually dries pretty quickly with the heated floor and all. Also, through the bathroom is the sauna. No pics yet because it's still under construction.

If you saw any of my pictures from Spain, you've already seen this European plug. It's quite a bit different from the US variety. Voltage is also twice as high as in the US.

Why, yes. This is the kitchen. And what do we see? The washing machine! I've seen enough House Hunters International to know that this is the European norm. Our machine is unique in that you wash and dry in the same machine! However, it does take about 3 hours. :(

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