Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Moving Again!

Good news is I finally received my residence permit and can start my internship! (Yes, I did come to Finland for something else, not just a boy.) Bad news is I have to move again and leave the apartment I've just now started to consider home.

I will be working at a Satakunta University in Pori, which is located on the west coast of Finland about 3 hours from where I live now (Kerava).  Luckily, I can easily take a 3 hour train to come back "home" on the weekends, which I probably will be doing most weekends.  On a positive note, I will finally have access to a gym again! No more running outside for me if I can help it.

In other news, the second batch of transcripts finally arrived this week to Aalto University, where I am applying to graduate school.  I was getting worried because the first batch got lost somewhere in mail land and the deadline for the application is in 2 weeks.  Fortunately, my application is now complete, and I will be informed of the acceptance decision in late April.

For now, its off to Pori this weekend.  I'm lucky to have such an amazing boyfriend who is going to help me move and give me stuff so I don't have to buy anything (bed, plates, silverware, etc.).  Yep, I'm a one lucky woman.  Plus, he will be able to finish construction on the apartment while I'm not there.  I'm grateful to not have to smell any more saw dust as of Saturday.

I'm a bit nervous about my internship, as I usually am with any new thing.  However, the ladies I will be working with are very nice and all dealings will be in English, even though I'm now studying Finnish.  All-in-all, I think it will serve as a very good foot-in-the-door when trying to find internships and jobs later on in Finland.

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