Sunday, April 3, 2011


A week ago, I took a very relaxing trip to Granada, Spain, with two American friends of mine. Granada is located further south than Murcia and has
a lot of Arabic presence in the style of the buildings and other arquitecture. Granada´s main tourist attractions are the Alhambra and its Arabic and Turkish baths. Unfortunately we didn´t do either one, because all of the Alhambra tickets were already sold out and you have to make appointments for the baths. But we loved it so much we are planning on going back before or after finals in order to do both and relax a bit.

This is a picture from our floor in the hostel. It was constructed in a traditional Spanish style meaning that there is a patio, or a hollowed out portion in the middle of the building.

We were surprised to actually find nature here. Also Granada has more hills than Murcia, a lot more.

All of the buildings in the historic part of town were beautiful. I particularly liked this one because of the peach color.

Like I wrote earlier, there is a lot of influence of the Arabic style in the arquitecture. This is an example of a beautiful door we saw while wandering around the city.

There were many hooka bars in Granada, where we got free tea because we were super friendly and my roommate told the waiter that I took belly dancing lessons.

The last night we attended a small flamenco performance (not the dance, but rather the music). I don´t have a picture, but there is a short video on my facebook.

I have to say, Granada is definitely on the list of place I would like to live when I come back to Spain.

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